25 Things You Didn’t Know About Philadelphia

Philadelphia city life.

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There’s a lot that Philly is known for: cheesesteaks, the Liberty Bell, the “Rocky Steps,” and of course, throwing snowballs at Santa. What most outsiders don’t know is that Philly is a city rich with all kinds of awesome history, outside of some of the obvious things (Declaration of Independence). Pre-covid It had one of the best food & art scenes in the country and is renowned for its medical sectors.

MentalFloss.com did a full article that breaks down different facts about the city of brotherly love and listed below are a few that interested me: 

  • Philly is home to over 2000 outdoor murals & Mural Arts Philadelphia offers engaging tour options
  • William Frampton’s Brewery was one of the first businesses in Philly (Est. 1683)

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