Just a Kid from South Jersey


Baby McKinsey Chillen with his Parents (Photo)

Growing up in South Jersey was both a blessing and a curse. It was a blessing because McKinsey was able to see how great life can be and a curse because he lived in a bubble, which shielded him from understanding how the rest of the world lived. Fortunately, his parents taught his sister and him the importance of hard work and consistency. They were never given anything without a lesson and at a young age, he learned the value of setting goals and taking action until he was successful.

Growing up in a town with limited diversity in your school and on your sports teams can be tough for a child. He was fortunate enough to play Ice Hockey and he was the first African American to play on a club team in the area. Because he looked different, he was called a lot of racist names which helped build his resilience at a young age. Playing hockey gave him insight into how cruel the world can be and that life isn't always fair. He has carried this learning with him and continues to remember that things happen for a reason and that is why we all need to be open to taking risks in order to learn. While learning new things, he has been able to accomplish his early dreams and he continues to push himself because he wants to become one of the best entrepreneurs in the world.  Moorestown gave him a powerful foundation filled with family, friends, experiences and most importantly perspective.

Time In Corporate America

First Private Jet Trip at Target (Photo)

McKinsey Alston, M.S., SHRM-SCP, graduated from Rutgers University in 2008 and started working for Target Corporation as an Operations Manager. While working for Target, he held numerous leadership positions and decided to leave after becoming a Human Resources Business Partner. As a Human Resources Business Partner, he oversaw HR operations for 22 Target stores in Central, NJ and Staten Island, NY.  

After 7 years of successfully delivering results at Target, he took a Regional Human Resources Manager position with TownePark and ran HR operations for 65 parking locations spanning from Baltimore, MD to Boston, MA. Following his time at TownePark, McKinsey worked for The Sherwin William's Company as an Area Human Resources Manager. In that role, he oversaw HR Operations for 272 stores, supported a Vice President of Sales and coached 17 District Leaders to successfully build a stronger team, which improved results. In 2018, McKinsey became a Global Human Resources Business Consultant supporting world-wide Marketing and Communications, Global Operations including Real Estate and Information Technology services at Unisys Corporation. McKinsey is currently the Managing Director of Talent, Culture, and Organizational Effectiveness at United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey. 

McKinsey, earned his Master’s Degree in Human Resources and Organizational Leadership from Widener University, a Certificate in Human Resources Management from Villanova University and a Senior Certification from the Society of Human Resources Management.


Transition Into Entrepreneurship

Commercial Cameo (Photo)

Corporate Success vs. Entrepreneurial Success - It is not the same thing and being an Entrepreneur is extremely difficult.  Buckle in - Entrepreneurship is a journey.

McKinsey, Founded YOU LLC in 2017. YOU is Personal, Business and Career Growth. YOU empowers growth through knowledge to help organizations and individuals become their best selves. 

In June 2017, McKinsey and his wife, purchased their first home in Philadelphia, PA.  During that process, he fell in love with Real Estate and wanted to help others find their dream home in the City of Brotherly Love. McKinsey, launched Mckinseyalston.org in March 2018 after becoming a Real Estate Agent and Real Estate Investor in the Greater Philadelphia Area. McKinsey, continues to focus on helping people find the right home whether it's a rental, purchase or investment; his passion is making his clients lives easier.

Recently, he partnered with Seed Spot to help 30 local entrepreneurs launch their businesses by attending a two day societal entrepreneur launch camp in Philadelphia.

Keep an eye out for Life Literacy courses launching in 2020..McKinsey's  next business venture. 



Live Interview Broadcast (Photo)

Since 2017, McKinsey has taken time to create content to help individuals become their best selves. Learning, executing and seeing results has always been his passion. McKinsey is committed to taking what he has learned and empowering others to achieve their goals. 



McKinsey and his Wife Dancing (Photo)

McKinsey and his wife Dana, have been together for 10 years. They love spending time, traveling, working out, relaxing and trying new restaurants in Philadelphia together.