Servant Leadership Example – Your Time

McKinsey Alston working with a real estate client.

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Servant Leadership is easily defined as a leadership style focused on serving others by putting their needs first. As a real estate business owner and leader, I always look for ways to put my time, talent, and treasure to work. It is important to live your life to the fullest by putting your best foot forward while helping others develop themselves. As a realtor, I love spending time walking clients through the process and providing perspective I have learned from other deals that are similar. While working with clients, this is how I share my experiences that I have learned from being on both sides of the table. Listed below are a few tips on how to get your house ready to sell from my experience as a buyer and buyer’s agent. 

First Impressions – CURB APPEAL

  • Take time to spruce up the exterior so you can impress buyers before they even step inside
  • Add curb appeal by maintaining the lawn, weeding the garden, planting some flowers, and power washing your siding and driveway.
  • Create an inviting porch or entryway by adding a nice welcome mat, arranging furniture, or even painting the front door with a color that makes the home pop.  These are simple ways to make your home stand out in the neighborhood. 

Cleaning and Repairs

  • Buyers will appreciate the fact that you addressed exterior maintenance issues such as sagging rain gutters, dirty siding, or damaged window boxes. 
  • Be sure to fix or replace cracked windows, trim tree branches away from the house, consider touching up painted exteriors, and ensure there is no loose debris in front of the home.

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