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Before purchasing our first home, my wife and I rented a few different apartments to get a feel for what we did and did not like. Renting was great because we were able to test different neighborhoods and explore numerous home styles without committing to a 30-year mortgage. Another perk of renting is learning about the different cultures in your new neighborhood. In my

experience, I have learned the most through conversations with longtime residents or eating at local restaurants. Every area has a unique history and the best way to learn that history is by exploring. Whether you are renting to save money to buy a home, renting because of work relocation, or renting because you do not want to purchase a home; use your time to learn what each neighborhood has to offer. The process of renting a home in the Philadelphia area is simple but has the potential to feel complex. When working with new rental clients, I share the following list of what most landlords will require before signing a lease.

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The List:

1. Completed Application

2. Recent Credit Report

3. Proof of Income (*4 recent pay stubs*)

4. Screenshot of License

5. Most landlords want 3 months of rent upfront

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