Selecting A Great Realtor — Never Settle!

Selecting A Great Realtor — Never Settle!

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Finding a great real estate agent can be a challenging task. Most clients go with the first agent they find on or with the agent that is referred to them. As I enter my 3rd year as a realtor, I’ve learned the most important trait of any agent is — SERVICE. Although it’s a no brainer, there are two agents that work on every transaction. There is a listing agent, representing the seller/landlord and a buyer agent who represents the buyer/renter in the transaction. When searching for an agent, look for a realtor who is responsive, proactive, a good communicator, and a teacher. The process is already difficult enough so make sure you select the right agent to make your life simple.

Key Traits of A Great Agent:

Proactive: Learning your needs and ensuring they are met before you ask is key.

Responsive: When you have questions or need support, your agent needs to be there for you.

Teacher: Learning the process is important and your agent should be able to teach you everything you need to know.

Listener: Communicating your wants and desires is key….Your agent must listen and provide accurate feedback.

Communicator: Real estate is like ABCs (Always Be Communicating). Communication is key.

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