What Is My Home Worth? – Free Home Value Estimator

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When COVID-19 was introduced into our lives, the world of Real Estate came to a halt with the rest of the world. As a realtor, we were unable to show homes for 90 days (Philadelphia) and business as we knew it would change and the industry braced for impact. As the world of Real Estate started to open again, the market saw an increase in activity. COVID-19 made working in-person unnecessary for non-essential workers which pushed most Americans to search for more space while working remotely. Homes were listed on the market and within hours they were under contract. Bidding wars were driving prices over asking by $10,000 to $50,000 and as inventory started to tighten, finding a home that hit all of a buyer’s boxes became challenging to find. Fast-forward 11 months since COVID jumped onto the scene and inventory is pretty much non-existent. Sellers have the upper hand in this market and now is the best time to get a comparative market analysis (CMA), to decide if the time is right to sell your home. A comparative market analysis (CMA) is an estimate realtor’s pull together to give sellers a preview of their home’s value based on recently sold homes that are similar in the immediate area. This report does two important things, it helps set the listing price for the seller’s home and it gives buyers an understanding of what to competitively offer if they want to purchase the home. Listed below is a link for a free comparative market analysis (CMA) powered by my home search website. 

Free Home Value Estimator


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