House Hunting Checklist

House Hunting Checklist

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As a realtor, I have helped tons of clients find homes that met their needs, but I have also worked with clients that didn’t find the home that checked all of their boxes. Searching for homes can be challenging and, in my experience, it’s important to list your top 3 to 4 must-haves. Must-haves are things that will make your living experience worthwhile and it is best to set them before touring homes. For example, when I purchased my first home, my must-haves were parking, bi-level layout, and living close to a train station. Once you draw a line in the sand around what you need to have, it makes finding a home a lot easier. The clients that I have worked with who are not sure of their list, usually have a tough time finding what they want. This does not mean that they do not find great homes, but the process is longer because we’re starting from scratch. Think about the things that you must have in your home and focus on finding a place that checks all of your boxes. Listed below are things that past clients have listed as their must-haves.

Potential Must-Have Items:

1. Parking

2. Deck/outdoor space

3. Certain # of bedrooms and/or bathrooms

4. Washer/Dryer

5. Walking distance to the train station

6. Easy access to 95

7. Modern kitchen

8. Finished Basement

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